Elton B. Richey Lectures

Lectures & Presentations –

Experts: Finding and Funding Them: Experts & Exonerations, Using Wrongful Conviction Data, Presented at Capital Defense Certification Seminar, Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Marksville, LA July 26, 2006. Sources of Wrongful Conviction: What Every Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Know, Presented at Criminal Defense Seminar, Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Baton Rouge, LA July 22, 2006. Anatomy of a Traffic Stop: Winning Motions to Suppress, Presented at Nuts & Bolts Seminar: Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Lafayette, LA September 10, 2004. Visual Argument: PowerPoint, The Criminal Defense Lawyer, And His Computer: Presented at Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers: Seminar, Bossier City, LA June 14, 2002. Answering That God-Awful Question: How Can You Defend Those People?Presented at the Shreveport Paralegal Association, Shreveport, LA June 11, 2002. Basic Criminal Investigation: Team Defense Presented at Louisiana Private Investigators Association, Bossier City, LA April 21, 2001 & March 23, 2002. Visual Argument: Computers, Printers, Peripherals Oh My! Visual Argument For The Semi-Computer Literate Lawyer, Presented at Louisiana State Bar Association: Catch The Falling Leaves Again Seminar Ashville, NC, Sept 29, 2001. Mentoring–The Student/New Lawyer Perspective, Presented at 1991 Professionalism Convocation: Professionalism – Passing it Along, Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism, Atlanta, GA October 18, 1991. In the Defense of Law Schools and Modern Legal Education, Presented at CLE Seminar: Trial of the Modern Lawyer, Mercer Law School, Macon, GA, May 1, 1991.  

Publications –

Editor-in-chief, The Freedom Fighter, Electronic-Newsletter of the Northwest Louisiana Criminal Defense Bar Association (2002-2004) Editor-in-Chief, Annual Survey of Louisiana Law published by Louisiana State Bar (1996-98) Editor, Rudiments Of The Art: Advocacy In Defense Of The Citizen Accused Of Crime. Volume 42, No. 2 Mercer Law Review (1991). Richey, E. B., Eyewitness Identification in The Advocate, Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, (Spring 2005) Richey, E. B., Criminal Law, Annual Survey of Louisiana Law, Louisiana State Bar Assoc. (1996) Zipperer, A. L. & Richey, E.B., The Opening Statement in Criminal Defense: Overcoming the Momentum to Convict, Journ. of Ga Trial Lawyers Assoc. (1991) Chang, P. & Richey, E.B., Literature, History, and Quotations: A New Perspective on an Old Technique, Volume 42, No. 2 Mercer Law Review (1991). Richey, E. B , Comment, The Court Jesters, 41 Mercer L. Rev. 663 (1990) Richey, E. B., Blood on the Street, Vol. 15 No. 1 Spectra 15, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, LA (1988) In addition, Mr. Richey is a regular contributor to The Advocate, the official publication of the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and edits a column highlighting Publications of Interest from the National Criminal Justice Reference. The column serves as a resource for criminal defense practitioners.
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