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Lady Justice

If people like John Adams, Clarence Darrow, Earl Warren, Thurgood Marshall, Sandra Day O’Connor, and Sonia Sotomayor inspire you. . . . .

Then we might need to talk.

Ours is a practice inspired by the heroes of our profession, and we are always on the look out for lawyers, paralegals and legal support professionals who share our practice values and goals.


Our Vision:

To be the Premier Criminal Law Firm in our community for defending the lives and liberty of the people entrusted to our care.

Our Mission:

To exonerate them when possible. Mitigate when not, and to always work to make a positive difference in their lives.

Our Tactics:

To engage with, listen to, and believe in our clients. Understand their needs and goals, and to fight inside and outside the courtroom to obtain the best outcome for the client.

In addition to our core practice area of criminal defense, we also accept select cases involving personal injury, wrongful death or police misconduct. Regardless of the type of case we strive to do only one thing – fulfill our pledge to our clients.

Our Pledge to Clients:

As Leaders in our field and Champions who battle to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives we strive to provide:

Unvarnished Facts from an honest investigation telling you what you need to know and not just what you want to hear.

Sound Advice upon which you can base decisions that will lead to the best possible outcome.

Confidence that everything that can reasonably be done, has, and is being done.

A Real Fight for your rights, reputation, and liberty.

Our recruiting process, like our associate opportunity, is a bit different than what one might experience at other firms our size. The process moves through three phases of mutual discovery where candidates explore whether we are the right opportunity for them and whether they are a good fit for us. Here is what candidates can expect:

The Exploration Phase:

Begins with a review of our Firm website and completion of an Exploration survey followed by a conversation to discuss goals and priorities.

The Education Phase:

Candidates are invited to submit an application and review in detail how we think a Premier Criminal Law Firm should look and operate.

The Validation Phase

This phase candidates’ explore their work styles, work preferences and the kind of environment that allows them to perform at their best. Select candidates are then invited to spend a Discovery Day at our offices to confirm whether our approach to the practice of law presents the right opportunity for them.

Our Values:

People – are neither defined by, nor to be valued based on the best or worst thing they have ever done. Our task is to value and defend people, their dignity, their honor, their lives and their liberty. We make the law recognize human frailty and accommodate the realties of the human condition.

Integrity – is the foundation of trust. Trust is our stock in trade.

Candor – in the form of open and honest communication with our clients is the path to a meaningful and productive attorney-client relationship.

Creativity – and skill in exercising our craft as advocates is how we negotiate our clients’ safe passage through the politically and racially charged minefield of a unforgiving criminal justice system and an unsympathetic civil justice system.

Humor – gives us perspective and allows us to maintain our client’s sanity and our own.

Courage – is essential to championing our client’s causes.

Leadership – is how we improve the community and system in which we work to redeem our clients and return them to society better equipped to live productive lives than when they came to us.

The personal qualities we look for in all candidates include:

  • Personal integrity
  • A sincere desire to advocate for people in difficult legal situations
  • A solid legal intellect, keen wit and good sense of humor
  • A “teachable” attitude and demonstrated lifelong desire to learn
  • Leadership potential
  • A strong work ethic and record
  • Ability to relate to and work with people with varied backgrounds and educational levels
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.

Our Associate opportunity is not for everyone. Attorneys work as Intrapreneurs, who are given the freedom, resources and support to create and build a rewarding and satisfying practice within the context of the Firm’s Core, Key and Collateral Practice areas

If the thought of building your own practice with a team of dedicated professionals appeals to you, and  you possess the qualities listed above, I invite you to forward your resume with cover letter to:

Elton B. Richey
Suite 1805
400 Travis Street
Shreveport, LA 71105
Or Fax to (318)-424-8222

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