Your DNA is not as Private as you think. Supreme Court decides Police can take DNA from anyone they arrest.

U. S. Supreme Court

Writing for the majority, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy said taking DNA is like fingerprinting

The United States Supreme Court was divided sharply, but nonetheless decided that the police may now take a sample of your DNA should you be arrested for anything. It is a decision that many are characterizing as a monumental and dangerous loss of privacy and liberty. In an article from the BBC, two legal experts debate the Supreme Court’s decision that police may routinely collect DNA samples during arrests to help solve old cases.

You can read the entire case on the Supreme Court’s website here. Tell us what you think. Should the government be able to collect your DNA just because you have been arrested even though you have not been convicted and even when it is not necessary to collect as evidence of the crime for which  you have been arrested?



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